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Where is the party?
In Golden Sands Bulgaria. It is one of the most attractive party destinations in Europe according to the German newspaper ‘Bild’. Golden Sands offers both a relaxing vacation by the sea and a vibrant night life that guarantees loads of fun, music, dance and party spirit.

Young tourists love Golden Sands due to the pristine beaches, quality drinks at low prices, first rate hotels and endless party nights. A whole street running parallel with the sea in the South end of the resort is know as "Party Street" with an overflow of bars, discos, night clubs, cheap restaurants and fast-food shops.

Golden Sands is a "Blue Flag" resort. This guarantees that the beach, and the sea, are kept clean. In fact the beach is well known for being one of the best sandy beaches in Europe. It is a popular tourist destination for visitors from all over Europa and even from the Persian Gulf and Israel.

Where to stay?
There are more than 100 hotels in Golden Sands. If you are planning a party vacation, choose a hotel, where you can party as much as you like and prices are low. We recommend the totally renovated Party Hotel Vladislav.

Click here for Hotel information.

How do I get there?
We can arrange your transport from the airport, the train station or the bus station. You have to arrange the transport to Bulgaria. Contact your local travel agent or use a ticket search engine to find cheap tickets like skyscanner.

How do I join the party?
We work with the best: The Party Team GS/Party BOSS who organize the most, the biggest and funniest parties in Golden Sands. Do you want to know more?

Pub Crawl - The Grand Night Tour Golden Sands
Beach Party - Extreme Party Night on the Golden Sand
Foam Party - Wet and Crazy. A party to remember

Party Vacation Shop
You can get an offer and book your party vacation from a licensed Tour Operator by sending an e-mail to: with the following information:

1. Arrival date
2. Departure date
3. Number of people
4. Are you interested in airport transfer and supplements (food, free bar, All Inclusive)
5. Which parties you like to join with the pre-booking discount
6. Your questions

You can pay your vacation via bank transfer or Credit Card.

Nice Price!
Buy an A
ll in 1 Party Package and receive a Nice Price. The SPECIAL OFFER offer is available from May 12 to June 20 and from August 25 to September 30.

Click here for the Nice Price party package offers.

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