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Police arrest 25 people on kidnapping charges
17.12.2009   Petar Kostadinov

Photo: Krassimir Yuskesseliev

Twenty-five people have been arrested as part of a nationwide police operation codenamed "The Insolents", the Interior Ministry said on December 17 2009.

The operation was launched in the early hours of the day and was ongoing, Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov told Nova Televisia.

According to Tsvetanov, the individuals concerned, all Bulgarians, had been involved in a series of kidnappings in Bulgaria over the past two years.

"All these individuals have long criminal records and some have spent time in prison for robbery," Tsvetanov said. He noted that among the 25 suspects arrested none were current or former Interior Ministry employees.

"What I cannot explain to myself is how these people with such criminal backgrounds had been let out of prison for good behaviour," he said.

Bulgarian BTA news agency quoted Prosecutor-General Boris Velchev as saying that the group would never again be able to perpetrate crimes because police had now collected sufficient evidence to incriminate them.

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