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Rousse history museum working on European virtual museum creation
07.12.2009   Tourist Media

Regional Museum of History Rousse

Rousse’s regional history museum took part in a conference about the creation of a European virtual museum named F-MU.S.EU.M. The event took part in Rome from December 3 to 5. Rousse’s museum is one of the partners in the project.

Bulgarian archeologist Dimitar Chernakov lectured about ancient calendars from the Copper-Stone Age preserved in Bulgarian museums.

F-MU.S.EU.M portal provides access to the Virtual Museum of the European Roots, where visitors can explore the most remarkable artifacts exhibited in various European museums. Visitors can select among thematic routes that will guide them to the discovery of the European prehistoric culture and heritage.
Virtual Museum of the European Roots documents how Europe was founded upon a common ancient model, depriving it of firmly set borders and stimulating migration and interaction. 

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