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25.09.2009   News paper SEGA

The president of Levski and pounced on the former star of the team

On Wednesday evening, the president of Levski Todor Batkov returned from abroad and to explain the scandal would secure the transfer of four players on the "blue" in the "Rubin" (Kazan). The lawyer spoke to consistently Channel 3 and bTV.


I do not think I am wrong with any of their actions. We were deceived, and I assume all the blame. However, I can not explain how I came to this. Everything was perfect, even in the UEFA personally checked and found out that Rubin is entitled to extraordinary transfers. More at our camp in Turkey during the winter there was interest from Russian clubs to our players. Our players did not come to Kazan, but only to Moscow, where at least examine them. The transfer had to be completed by 19 September. Things in its main part is developed in Spain. Keep it a secret from the players because the match with Villarreal. Initially it comes to three, without Ze Soares. Arise total transfer price of 5 million. Assured me that money is already here, in one particular bank. Even talked to the chief of the NRA and warned him that the money will be received in cash. Require full advance information about the conditions which will offer players, and then allowed to talk with them. Eventually I went stupid, but very soon the real culprits will get punished.


I hate gambling. Th black version is working, but not for Bulgaria and for the semi-sites in the Far East. This refers to the largest site in Asia. Has already identified two real persons who are Russians, but there are individuals who are cooperating and they are Bulgarians. Because even try to get to one of them, we missed the match with CSKA. Some of these people are already known and given to Interpol. It is possible that this is a provocation against Levski or against me. Yesterday I was threatened by the Russians over the phone. Explained their Russian nelosh what awaits them and gave a guy a phone number from which I rang.


More at our camp in Turkey, Michael Chorny try to sell one of our players of Terek (Grozny), but I told him his work, because the price offered was too small.

I am also very funny to heartbreaking laments some veterans of Levski that Batkov had to leave. All the great stars of "Levski" are used only to pick up and have not given a penny for the club. I give an example: the temple of Gerena Chorny gave 50 000 leva, Levski has 50 000 and gave Batkov 50 000. All veterans gave a total of 1270 leva

Cost of CLUB

I have a large income - give personal money, there are companies that help Levski. Only in August the amount of the salaries of players in "Levski" is the order of 360 000 leva in taxes which become 480 000. Each year we have a profit. Only last we were at a loss. I spent many money - in the order of 12 million is no respecter of Levski as a company. If there is someone who can offer better conditions to come and buy the club. The membership fee collected in "Levski" at the beginning of the year is income of EUR 673 tickets are EUR 373 000 from the beginning of the season. If you can not go back in time, I would do this transfer because he was good for Levski and players.

The stars of CSKA

You can own a star of CSKA Ivan Stoyanov. We wanted to take him in the summer, but then the sporting and technical direction of the team told me that we have far better players. On the other hand, Yordan Lechkov, makes his honor, came and said: "We sell them all four in a package. Who gave more money it will take them.


I know the decision of the disciplinary committee to fine us and deprive us of the household. Will not challenge (BA - Levski still lodge a complaint yesterday against the penalty in BFU). Does not honor the people who were in the stadium with a swastika. I will keep, if you still have equipment to give me their photos and make them pull the site because they are enemies of Levski. Nobody, however, will not play along with Levski and therefore the match will be in Stara Zagora, where the "Chernomorets" are retained his hotel. Will be in another city. As for the fans - will have meetings with them, although I have offended them. However 3.4 feed thousands of people and do not owe a cent.

The chances for the title

It's bad that we lost from CSKA, but all evil for good. Recently tend always difficult, but by the end of the championship is still 25 matches. From now on I think quite differently would be my attitude towards players. 62-63 points if we win, we will become champions.

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