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We do not expect sensational results from Bulgaria
What we really want from Bulgaria is to show results that the judicial system works, that it is capable of sending violators to the court and if they are guilty, to have their punishment.

This was announced by Secretary General of the European Commission Catherine Day, cited by BNR.

According to her, Bulgaria's understanding of what needs to be done constantly improves.

"Stil,l we expect more results. We do not want sensational results. However, we expect to see a working system, which is able to detect problems and deal with them", she pointed out.

Catherine Day expressed the opinion that there are sectors in the Bulgarian judicial system, which need to be changed.

Day said that there is a slight chance that the European Commission will recommend activation of the protective clauses, because this would mean a punitive behavior towards our country. Brussels prefers to cooperate with Bulgarian authorities on solving problems.

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