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Sofia's Ace Is the Ethnic Balance in Bulgaria
05.11.2008   standardnews

Sofia's Ace Is the Ethnic Balance in Bulgaria

Lale Akgun
Rapporteur for Bulgaria in the Bundestag
Deutsche Welle
Bulgaria should not waste its unique chance to obtain its place in the European Union as a country that has successfully coped with its ethnic problems. There is progress. It is true that not everything is as it should be but from my talks with Bulgaria's Interior Minister I learnt that combating organized crime has seen improvement and great efforts are invested in it. As long as corruption is concerned, efforts are taken towards reducing the problem to the minimum. If the EU is to give political judgment on the country, even the slightest steps should be taken into consideration. Bulgaria should not be discouraged. I think the report of the European Commission will after all consider the efforts, which, though, should not mean change of course and intensity. I think that in comparison to other EU countries and most of all in comparison to other Balkan countries, Bulgaria has found a good solution to its ethnic minorities problems. Such, of course still exist but the country lives in an ethnic balance.
When I was in Bulgaria I talked with representatives of the Romani and Turkish minorities. To me, Bulgaria is generally an model example in this respect. It is high time Bulgaria stopped endeavoring to meet all possible criteria but choose its decent place in the EU and declare - This is my patent, I am a country that gives impulses for the development of the EU. This could happen in the sphere of minority rights. This unique chance could be wasted in the name of insignificant political success.

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