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Bulgarian Invents GSM for Open Space
05.11.2008   standardnews

Bulgarian Invents GSM for Open Space

The revolutionary chip won the student a world competition

Milen Nikolov with his teacher and mentor Prof. Dr. Vishal Anan. The two are now busy with patenting the invention.
A Bulgarian found a way to make mobile phones work in outer space. His revolutionary discovery which, according to scientists, equals in importance Alexander Stepanovich Popov's invention of the radio raised 23-year-old Milen Nikolov to superstardom in the world scientific community. Milen Nikolov, who studies in a US university, conceived a chip for mobile phones, which through the MANET system renders the loss of network coverage practically impossible, and extends it as far as the open space. Milen's discovery crushed all rivals in the final of an international competition organized by the British mobile phone software company Symbian Limited.
It took the Bulgarian 11 sheets of paper to give a detailed description of how his chip catches the signal of the nearest mobile phone in range and transmits it to the nearest phone outside network coverage. The idea dawned on Milen in the New York city subway while raging against the absence of network coverage as it was stopping him from having a phone conversation and work on his laptop. The invention is cheap and will find application in the military and space industries.

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