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Madara Horseman chosen as the symbol of Bulgaria

The Madara Horseman known locally as the Madarski Konnik has been chosen as the national symbol of Bulgaria and will appear on the Euro coins when the country is able to adopt the Euro as its official currency.

The search for a suitable symbol has taken a year. The symbol of the horseman accounted for 25% of the votes. Other close contenders included the Rila monastery, and the Cyrillic alphabet.

President Parvanov will attend a meeting as the National Museum of History to ratify the decision.

The ancient bas-relief of the horseman lies close to the town of Shumen. It is an ancient rock carving of a horseman spearing a lion, which lies at its feet. In front of the rider there is a flying eagle and behind a dog runs after the horse. The scene currently appears on the back of Bulgaria’s Stotinki coins. The relief was carved into the rocks during the rule of Khan Tervel to mark a significant victory.

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