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Bulgarian skinheads attack gay rally

The Bulgarian police have arrested over 60 people for trying to attack and harass the participants in the gay pride parade, which took place in Sofia on Saturday afternoon.

Most of those arrested are skinheads and members of extremist groups. They threw bottles, stones and Molotov cocktails at the Gay Pride procession held in the city.

Police presence was enormous and stooped any extreme attacks on the gay community. Around 150 people took part in the parade and 150 policemen matched this. There were no reported injuries.

Boyan Rasate, leader of the Bulgarian National Union, a nationalist extremist party was also arrested for participating in the attack on the parade.

Rasate attended the parade with his five-year old daughter, who was taken away in a police car after he was arrested.

Rasate's BNU party has been a staunch opponent of the Gay Pride rally. Recently they launched a poster campaign across the capital, which read, "Be Intolerant, Be Normal."

Several complaints were made against the police about their violence in the arrests.

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