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New monument to be erected in Sofia

A new monument to honour those Bulgarian volunteers who fought for freedom during the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78 is to be built in Opulchentsi, Sofia.

Georgi Pirinski, Chairperson of the Bulgarian Parliament broke the ground in an official ceremony yesterday.

The monument, which will feature a volunteer soldier holding the Samara Flag (the Bulgarian volunteers flag in the Russian Army) will be made of bronze and will be seven metres tall. It will stand in the garden at the back of the Military Club in the city centre.

At the moment, the place where the monument will stand is marked by a rock brought in from the Shipka Pass in the Balkan Mountains – this was the place that saw the most action during the war.

An organised committee collected funding for the project from donations. The monument should be finished on August 24, which marks the day that the 1877 three-day Shipka Battle was won by the volunteers.

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