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Varna sees highest rental yields in Bulgaria

The coastal city of Varna has some of the highest rental prices in Bulgaria according to the local daily Narodno Delo.

Luxury apartments have shown the greatest increases in rent this year with growth of 22.1% compared with the same period last year. Unfurnished property saw increases of 19%, whilst fully furnished rental property showed increases of 17%.

The most popular rental properties were two-bedroom apartments in the city centre around Red Square, which currently command in excess of 300 Euros a month.

Out of town areas like Mladost and Vuzrazhdane, which still offer good, easy access to the city command rental incomes of around 250 Euros a month.

New villas with around 250 sq m. of living space in the Trakata beach zone community fetch incomes of approximately 2,500 Euros a month, with one floor commanding a rental income of 1,700 Euros a month alone.

Most city rentals were longer term lets of around a year, whilst property in Trakata tended to be rented on short term lets during the summer season.

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