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27.01.2010   Irena Atanasova
pic news

My special day is start with a reservation coupon for massage treatments! Amazing ... and surprise! ... What do you going to say? My husband had done it. I wanted to cover him with kisses! Seconds later I realized that it was order from very special for me person- my mother in low which I love so much. Thanks, Mom!

In Center AMARANT " welcomed me smiling and polite young lady. She led me in the hallway. Around us everywhere breathed a gentle heat and flavor! We get to the dressing room.

It is a small room equipped with two line wardrobes, bathroom and toilet.  The employee is giving to me a towel and comfortable slippers. She told me that the specialist will expect me in the room for massage. So I am alone and began my adventure. I haste stripped. Here is like not so warm! 

Surprise: the wardrobe I had is on the top row and was al most impossible to arrange my stuff. Although my life experiences in all years I not grown inapt to get to hangers. I find other decision. The problem was solved! ...

And now is a time to go to massage room. I am opening the door. And what to see, soft light, candles, delicate flavor and pleasant music! ... I am lying on a massage Bed. 

The Masseur covered me and my body melts with pleasure by the enveloping warmth! A few minutes and I understand that my reservation is for classic massage, but if I wish can make another choice ... Here is a curiosity of typical female character. Why not try something new?

With classic and sports massage I am familiar. Since now I have heard that many women are going to antitcellulite procedures. So the choice was done: compound massage. It is includes classic massage and has elements of anticellulite and spot massage. Here's a possible three in one!

Massage is started from my back, which went to the shoulders and neck. True an arm. Skillful hands of a masseur glidelie and techniques moves through, warm up, and deliver delight of my senses! With a smooth transition the massage is pass on my limbs. 

Massage was originally designed to warm and prepare them for the real procedure. Surprise! None of my friends was mentioned that antitcellulite massage is painful. Well not so much.Can be tolerated. 

I remember one of our traditional Bulgarian saying: Suffer girl for beauty! And with a smile, get use to my new experience. Purpose of this massage is: through specific massage techniques and movements to be filled upper layers of the body with blood. It is strengthening of dew and thus to break and dislodge the accumulated fat. 

The result is a clean body system. For this procedure is necessary to use a special massage oil whitch penetrates deep into tissues and helps for digestion of fat. In my case it was from Juniper...

In front of the body massage was aimed at improving the bowel, massage of neck opening, neck and finished with a slight facial massage! It is send me to the seven heavens… My experiment is over! The Masseur is let me alone. Followed the relaxation on the scarce light and quiet pleasant music...

Reborn and completely refreshed I was ready meet and other surprises which was awaiting me! After all I am the hero in today's day!

And you:
Suggest HEALTH AND BEAUTY! Do not quit delivering pleasure of your senses! The next story will be yourest! 

Adress: Varna, ul. Rayno Popovich 17

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