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Wine blessed by the sun
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Bulgaria has millennium tradition in fine wine production.  4 000 B.C. the Thracian tribes brought the vines from Asia Minor to Europe. They are widely recognized as the wine masters of the Ancient world. Information related to wine production in Thracia can be found in Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey. The Thracian kings often engraved grapes, vines or wine cups on their coins. Vineyards are the main subjects of the frescoes found in the Kazanlak tomb. The Panagyurishte golden treasure, dated VII-IV century B.C. is in fact a fabulous wine set. The Dionysus cult was popular in this area long before the rule of the Roman Empire. The Day of the vine-grower is seen as one of the most important holidays. The natives are saying “There are no bad wines – you may always find the right occasion and mood for any type”.

However, the Bulgarian wine picture will not be complete at all if we miss the crimson Mavrud. This is a unique sort, which can be found only in this country. The fine wine list includes Gamza – 2000 from Suhindol region, Cabernet from Svishtov, Merlot from Lyubimetz as well as the original Shiroka Melnishka Loza wine. When choosing, make sure that the wine has aged at least 4-5 years.

If you are fond of light white wines you may experience the flavor of Chardonnay from Targovishte or Preslav. The Sauvignon from those regions is known worldwide for its quality.

The crimson Mavrud
recalls old memories
and evokes new
The Traminer from Han Krum is also worth a try. If your impressions are still incomplete, you may try white wine from Evksinograd, Muscat from Karlovo, Dimyat and Tamyanka. However the variety is so big that it makes it almost impossible to list all table wines produced in Bulgaria. The real wine worshippers may visit some of the local wineries. The most famous one in Varna is Evksinograd. Superb aged wine can be found in Pavlikeni, Pleven, Russe, Suhindol, Haskovo, Pomorie and Lyaskovets. At present Bulgaria exports wine produced with modern technology to more than 70 countries.

There are quite a few things worth coming back to Bulgaria – wine is certainly one of them. It is blessed by the sun and carries the strength of this ancient country. One more thing to remember: In Bulgaria act like a Bulgarian - do not forget to say “Nazdrave” (the Bulgarian for “Cheers”) any time you lift your glass-full.

In Bulgaria you will be frequently offered the local brandy called rakiya as a starter. It may be grape, plumb, apricot or extracted by other fruit. The Evksinograd rakiya is the most popular, followed by the Bourgass grape, Troyan and Sliven plum, Silistra apricot. Local vermouth is also worth trying. The ladies may enjoy liqueur with raspberry, rosy or peach flavor Preslav, Pomorie and Evksinograd are the best producers of cognac. The sparkling wines should also be mentioned. Some of them age in caves for decades.

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It is true that in Bulgaria you can taste a really good wine at a relevantly low price.I am very satisfied by the quality of the bulgarian wine - if you have a chance try "No man's land" - it's a don't miss!!!

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