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The most delicious food you’ve ever had
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You will hear this from many foreigners who have tried the Bulgarian cuisine. Ask them what they knew about Bulgaria and “yogurt” would be the most common answer.
The Bulgarian taste for baked, stewed and boiled food dates back centuries from now. One of the most popular dishes here is charcoal-grilled meat. Tasty and juicy - it’s a real feast for your stomach.

Another traditional but still peculiar dish is “yachnia” which is usually cooked in a clay pot called “gyuvech”. Both words “gyuvech” and “yachnia” have Turkish origin which is no big surprise having in mind that the Turks have ruled these lands for five centuries. Therefore the oriental

Well worth to try these traditional dishes:
“shopska salata” – chopped tomatoes and cucumbers, onion, peppers sprinkled with “sirene”
( Bulgarian white cheese)
“snezhanka” – thick creamy yoghurt with chopped cucumbers, walnuts and garlic
“kyopolou” – roasted aubergines, peppers, loads of garlic, parsley
“tarator” – cold yoghurt and cucumber soup
“bob chorba” – traditional bean soup with plenty of herbs
“kavarma” – stewed meat and vegetables, usually served in individual pots
“gyuvetch” – stewed vegetables and meat chunks
“chushki byurek” – fried peppers stuffed with egg and cheese
“sirene po shopski” – white cheese, eggs, tomatoes and peppers baked in a pot
“banitsa” – traditional pastry that may be with cheese, meat or pumpkin
influence in the Bulgarian cuisine and cooking habits are quite strong. For example you will find here “baklava” – a dessert which is typical for Turkey – it’s a paste with syrup and wallnuts. 

The Bulgarians have a peculiar habit to celebrate each holiday with home-made dishes.

However “bread” is the keyword in the Bulgarian cuisine. It’s as important as rice for the Chinese. You will find a bunch of different types of bread - white, wholemeal, with sesame etc. Each one is with original flavor.

Another key product is the meat. You may find good quality beef, pork, lamb, and chicken – all fresh at very reasonable prices in the local shops.

Make sure you don’t miss the Bulgarian vegetables. You can find plenty of cabbage, potatoes, cucumbers, onion, garlic peas, spinach, beans, lettuce, and mushrooms – all raised in superb environmental conditions that make them pure organic products. The best fruits in the country are the cherries, all kinds of berries, apples, peaches, apricots, plums, pears, melons, watermelons, quinces and, of course, the grapes.

Another thing you don’t want to miss is the yoghurt. Bulgarians eat it almost every day. It is made using bacteria, which could be found only in this country - “Lactobacterium Bulgaricum”. Of course you can find yoghurt in several forms which vary in quality. The real deal is the buffalo yoghurt. It is so thick that you may cut it with a knife.

If you put some water in the yoghurt and shake it – you will get a traditional Bulgarian drink – “airan”. Another interesting soft drink is “bosa” – sweet and brown – it is prepared from baked flour.

The white cheese produced in this country is a must try. Again you have several variations – sheep, dairy, goat and buffalo. Bulgarians eat cheese a lot and put it in several dishes starting with salads and ending with different types of cakes.

A typical spice for the Bulgarians is “chubritsa” – it’s a herb with slightly bitter taste that is added to a wide variety of dishes.

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