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Ride the wave or dive underwater
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Ride the wave

The Black Sea resorts have a simple formula to attract the clients – they offer a unique combination of reputable history, clean environment, fantastic sea and modern architecture. Still a holiday will not be complete – all you need is an amusement park. Even the most demanding clients will be satisfied if they stay for about ten days in the resorts Golden Sands, Riviera, Albena, Russalka, Sunny Day, St. Constantine & Elena, all of them located north of Varna. In these resorts tourists enjoy not only the sunny beaches, but also have some fun surfing or driving water skis, jet, boat or water wheel.

Why not discover the brand new world under the water – diving fishing or just examining fantastic caves. That area is yet to be explored to its full potential. But still it can make your holiday unique. The water temperature is just right for swimming. In Albena you can witness para-planer contests, while high adrenaline is guaranteed by bungy jumping from the Asparuch Bridge near Varna.

The smaller but very attractive towns of Obzor and Byala are located south from Varna. All guests who wish to stay away from the noisy and luxurious resorts have a chance to have a peaceful holiday.
Further in that direction is the forest reserve Kamchia. The Kamchia river’s banks are covered by exotic forest where can be found unique plants and animal species.

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