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New Year’s Eve in July
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July morning

There I was on a July morning looking for love” – a fragment of Uriah Heep’s July Morning

Do you remember how many times you have met the sunrise? Have you seen the sun being born by the sea? Imagine you are standing in a crowd right on the beach. And everybody is looking at the golden disc which separates the sea from the sky.
July 1st, 3 a.m. thousands of men and women aged 13 to 50 walk smiling in the streets of Varna. The crowd heads for the beach to meet the first July morning.
 It is hard to describe the stunning scene of a starting day with a red sun peaking above the blue sea horizon.

The crowd starts celebrating, as it is the New Year’s Eve as soon as the sun smiles above the sea. Everybody is smiling, hugging and congratulating each other.
The story of this unique event goes back in the 1980-ties when a few friends inspired by the song of Uriah Heep decided to wait for a whole night to see the July sunrise. The feeling was so strong that in the years to come more and more people shared the idea to meet the sunrise at the beach. A few of Bulgaria’s well known rock musicians play guitars at the beach gathering huge crowds around them.

The event is now popular not only for the people from Varna but for other Bulgarians as well. A few Bulgarians who live abroad and some foreigners travel especially for that event. The municipality is also involved in the music feasts.

Uriah Heep staged a few concerts in Varna through the years. As long as “July Morning” starts the public erupts We all know why “In my heart, in my mind, in my soul...”

Hristo Marinov

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