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Eniovden – mystic experience round the clock
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Traditional bulgarian house

Bulgaria has remarkable folklore traditions. One of the most reputable holidays in the country is in June. On the 24th of June the Church marks the St. Joan’s Day.

The tradition celebrating that day goes back to the times preceding Christianity. It was linked to the Sun cult. The Bulgarians believe that the herbs picked before sunrise on that day can cure diseases.

They say, in the night preceding that day the sky “opens” and the material and spiritual worlds become one.

Girls, women, healers and sorcerers pick herbs and use them to heal pains for the whole year. In the night when the sun dies and is reborn the power of the herbs is enormous. It gradually fades away at daylight. In the night the magic spreads to water as well. People believe that water in rivers and wells is curing because the sun has not seen through them yet.

All maids pick herbs that are believed to acquire incredible power. They say the men fall easily under the power of love. The maids’ herbs are trollius, cowslip, marigold, basil, wild geranium, and the hollyhock. A bunch may contain seven, nine or twelve pieces.

The collected herbs should be exactly seventy-seven and a half, because it is believed that human pains have this number. For each of the seventy-seven pains there is a cure but not for the remaining half.

It is also believed that in the night preceding Eniovden one may see blue flames at spots where treasure is hidden. The ancient Bulgarian holiday is a turning point in the calendar, linked to the Midsummer Day when the day is longest. Eniovden is a favorite holiday for both young and old, separating the year in two halves.

They say that the sun dances in the morning and whoever sees that will enjoy good health all year long.

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