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Scandinavian fairy tales from Tarja Turunen
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Her voice is so perfect that you don't believe it's live. She's singing from behind a certain.

After the end of "Boy and the ghost" the curtain falls and the fairy comes out in all her glory.

"Hello, Sofia!" and more than 4000 people scream enthusiastically.

This is the beginning of the Finnish symphonic metal icons "Nightwish" ex-vocalist.

After two more songs from her solo album Tarja Turunen comes back in time with "The passion and the opera" from the unforgettable "Oceanborn" - probably the best Nightwish record.

Fans are ecstatic when the first accords of "I walk alone" sound and become even more ecstatic at the "Nemo" performance.

While Tarja's changing her next dress (out of all six), the legendary drum player Mike Terana (Gamma Ray, Rage) demonstrates his amazing and virtuoso skills.

Whatever the outfit, Tarja's presence is magical and enchanting, indeed.

She was visibly surprised by Bulgarian fans' warm welcome and showed her gratitude by smiling all the time.

The singer and her band waved the Bulgarian flag and their final gift to the excited audience was Garry Moore's cover "Over the hills and far away".

"I will never forget you and we'll meet again very soon!" screamed Tarja instead of goodbye.

Desperately hoping so.

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