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The Bulgarian Spa Experience
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The majority of developed countries in the West pride themselves with thriving mineral spa industries used to attract foreign as well as local tourists. Yet in Bulgaria, a country with over 1,000 natural springs, spa tourism is only just developing. The quality of mineral water is in some areas as good as that of Vichy and Baden Baden and developers recognising this untapped market are starting to turn their attentions to spa towns like Velingrad and Bankya. Spa tours and vacations are on the increase and many large developers are including spa treatment hotels into their complexes.


The spa town of Bankya is located just 17 km from Sofia.It is a famous spa and a national centre for rehabilitation and the treatment of heart disease. It is also one of the country’s richest ecologic reserves. Bankya is located at the foot of the Lulin Mountain at an altitude of 630 m above sea level. There are several comfortable hotels and restaurants here where guests can experience the genuine warmth of a true Bulgarian welcome. Bankya’s spa waters are around 37 degrees in temperature and contain pure natural minerals, which supplement healthy skin. If you take a walk in the town’s park, you can dip into the hot mineral water from the local springs.


Another favoured Bulgarian spa town is the town Kyustendil.The town is located at the foot of the Osogovo Mountains and is one of the country’s most famous due to its idyllic location. It lies at 510-530 m above sea level and is surrounded by lush foliage and the well-manicured gardens belonging to the neat inhabitants. The climate is also appealing with a strong Mediterranean influence. There are more than 40 mineral springs in the town and the water contains a high degree of sulfite, which is ideal for the treatment of gynecological diseases, ailing joints and the central nervous system as well as a number of minor infections. Spa temperatures reach 19 degrees. The town is home to several baths and balneological complexes.


The town of Velingrad is home to one of the best spa towns in Bulgaria. It is located in the South of Bulgaria at an altitude of 850 m in the picturesque Chepin Valley in the Rhodope Mountains. The spa water comes from 70 mineral springs with a total flow of over 150 litres per second and temperature ranges frome 32 to 42 degrees, with a record of 54 degrees. The town is surrounded by towering pine forests and is one of Bulgaria’s sunniest towns. This exclusive combination of weather and landscape has positively influenced the ionization process and the town spas have a proven record of treating pulmonary diseasses like emphysema, chronic bronchitis and pneumonia. Velingrad is also home to another natural wonder, the Kleptuza, Bulgaria’s biggest karst spring, which gushes 1,200 litres of ice-cold water per second.


Hisar is located 42 km from the city of Plovdiv at the foot of the Sredna Gora mountain range close to the close to the Valley of Roses.Its climate is mild climate and the town has 22 different mineral springs. It is a modern resort town and its spring waters can reach temperatures between 37 – 52 degrees.The mineral water is extremely light and clear with no underlying taste. Its unique mineral content favours the treatment of kidney disease as well as the liver, gall bladder, digestive system and pancreas. There is a wide range of therapeutic and relaxing treatments including a luxurious bath in rose petals.


Sandanski is situated 190 meters above sea level, in the southwestern crest of the Pirin Mountains, alongside the two banks of the Sandanska Bistritsa River. It has the lowest annual rainfall in the country and rarely experiences foggy days. Indeed, the air here is extremely pure and free of pollutants. Apart from its natural beauty, lush vegetation and remarkably wholesome climate, the resort also features a multitude of mineral springs. The town is famous for the therapeutic power of its mineral springs and the temperature of its water, which ranges from a tolerable 33degrees to record highs of 83. The mineral waters have almost uniform chemical compositions making them ideal for the treatment of respiratory tract and lung diseases and joint problems.

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