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The first VIK was made in the balchik village of Rogachevo
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The investment only for one drill of 1200 meters is about 1,2 million levs. It does not include the value of pipes, pumps, reservoir, and water – main.

An architect made the first private ViK in Bulgaria. The modern water economy is in the balchic village of Rogachevo and will serve 3 holiday village around Albena. The three mini resorts are ownership of the architect Tzvetan Gergiev. His company “Ecoproject”, Rousse is the only one which applied documents for permission to sell water, writes newspaper 24 hours, cited by Balchik Info. Rogachevo is 2 – 3 km away from the sea and 2 km from Albena. Towards the terrains of Rogachevo exists huge interest because of the rich nature and the closeness of the sea coast. According to the mayor Kiril Mirchev, in the surrounding area at least 20 holiday villages are in process of building. The native residents are 170 people. In the summer more than 2000 people are moving there and that’s why the water volumes are not enough. The pressure of the drinking water falls down and practically it does not reach even the water taps. Separately from that asbestous pipes of the national ViK plumbing water mains are most of the time in damage. It happens that the people stays 2 weeks without water.

"I am an architect. The circumstances in Rogachevo forced me to become and water operator” said the future owner of the private ViK – Tzvetan Georgiev. Around 30% from the houses in the holiday villages “Ecostar” 1, 2, 3 are already sold. They are bought by Bulgarian, English, Russian and people from Ukraine. The new owners had olready and title deeds.
But, By law, the houses may be given only if they have plumbing water mains. The national ViK pipes were very old and above that if you want to count in You should dig in trough the winter. Otherwise the tourists will stay without water.
Architect Georgiev found another solution. He made 2 drills around Rogachevo, making all necessary documents. He connected the new build houses with the drills and made 1400 m water system. He used the most qualitative material for the pipes.

"The situation is actually very complicated and I lost 3 years and a half in registration and preparing documents for accepting water – main, installing pipes, right of transition, extra paying to the municipality and what ever more. The documentation is one big pile” says the entrepreneur.
The places for which Mr. Georgiev had a building permission were around 80 thousands square meters.

"If I did not make the drills it will stay one emply investment.” explains the architect. The term private ViK is not the most presise,because the architect registered in court a company “Ecoproject” which main activity is water – supply.

"I’m a juridical person as ViK – Dobrich or Varna and this is permitted by law. I could not be stopped, because there is law for the competition, monopoly and etc.” explains the businessman.
The both private drills are in front of completing. For 1 second from them are going out 33,6 litres of water. The national ViK pump stations in the village give 7-8 litres per second and 4 of these are lost on the way, says the mayor of the village Mr. Mirchev.

"My calculation say that the price, which I can sale is 10-15 stotinki less then the national one. Although according to the analyses is much more qualitative than the one that we are drinkingnow.
In his water economy all the calculationsare made by electronic way. He did not use the services of collector. It was made specific software, according to the europpean standards. When a failure occurs just a red light appears and shows where exactly is the damage.
Georgiev said that he has no intention to sell water to his neighbours from the village.
The drills are made totally for his holiday villages.

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