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Capital Restaurants - a guide to some of the best restaurants in Sofia
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Tambuktu Fish Restaurant
Address: 10 Ivan Aksakov Str, Tel: 988 12 34, Working Hours: 11am-1am, Credit cards: accepted

For those who love the taste of Sushi or crave well-cooked quality fish dishes, Tambuktu will not disappoint. The restaurant has a pleasant interior with an array of mesmerising tropical fish tanks, one of which includes live lobsters. There is also a large exotic display of fresh fish on ice. The bar is well stocked and there is an extensive variety of wines and beer.
The Sushi dishes are listed on their own separate menu, which you may have to ask for. The California rolls are tasty as is the large Combo Sushi platter of different sushi. From the fish menu, the Pangasius fish is cooked to perfection. A meal for two with alcoholic beverages costs in the region of 60 - 100 leva, which is pricey compared to other restaurants in the capital, but the restaurant is always full - a testimony to it‘s good food and indeed it is wise to reserve a table in advance of your visit.

Classic Gourmet Club
Address: 17 Alexander Stamboliiski Blvd, Tel: 980 74 77, 980 74 78, Working Hours: Mon - Sat 10.00-2.00, Summer closure: August 1 to 20, Credit cards: accepted

Chic, stylish, exquisite cuisine and a high standard of service, the Classic Gourmet Club really is Sofia’s ultimate dining experience. The restaurant offers two different atmospheres - the modern relaxed piano bar, which can be hired for private functions and the elegant classical restaurant, which provides a muted, stylish atmosphere. The background music is relaxing and inoffensive making the place ideal for a business meeting over lunch or a romantic evening meal a deux. The menu is both varied and surprisingly inexpensive. The antipasti is divine, as is the duck magret and hare with goose liver and truffle, but nothing compares to the scrumptious strawberries and balsamico ice cream or the peaches with mascarpone mousse. The wine list is extensive and not limited to Bulgarian wines. The cost of a meal for two including alcohol is around 60 - 100 leva.

Kolelata Mehana
Address: 79 Sitnyakovo Blvd, Tel: 944 7941, Working hours: 10 pm-12am, Credit cards: not accepted

As traditional Bulgarian meals go, Kolelata Mehana provides some of the best authentic Bulgarian dishes in Sofia. The restaurant is decked out in Bulgarian style, with dried corn and red chilli-peppers hanging from the ceiling. The name Kolelata actually means “the wheel” and a vast display of cartwheels add authenticity to the scene. Murals of Bulgarian figures adorn the walls, and the staff are dressed in traditional Bulgarian costume. There is also a pleasant outdoor seating area and a genuine “Bulgarian” atmosphere to the place with Bulgarian chalga (a blend of Balkan folk music combined with Arabic, Greek, Turkish and Roma music) playing in the background.

The menu provides a varied and extensive selection of traditional dishes. Try the tomato and goats cheese salad or that old favourite the Shopska salad for a starter, the salads are freshly prepared and taste delicious. Entrees are described by exotic Bulgarian names, like bolyarsko kyufte - “Nobleman’s’ meatball.” The shaslik is worth trying; it is a tender skewer dish, as is the Hunter’s-style rabbit, which tastes delightful and comes in a mouth-watering vegetable sauce. The chushka burek - “roasted peppers” are also tempting. The beverage list is good with the ‘99 Stambolovo Merlot meriting a mention. Bulgarians are not renowned for their array of desserts and the restaurant did lack a wide choice, although the biscuit-cake is a tasty end with coffee The prices here are extremely good, with a meal for two costing around 30 -40 leva including alcohol.

Spaghetti Company
Address: 1 Knyaz Alexander Dondukov Blvd, Tel: 926 04 27, Working hours: 10am-12am

Good Italian food is hard to find in Sofia, which is why a trip to the spaghetti company is well worth the visit. .The restaurant style is along the lines of a loft apartment It is quite minimalist, almost basic, but the atmosphere and service are superb. The menu is varied with all traditional Italian favourites being represented. The rocket and caprese salad is excellent and is topped with mozzarella and a delicious house dressing. The grill menu is good with the chicken with a glaze sauce served with vegetables being particularly tasty. The Lasagne Bolognese is perfect with just the right amount of meat, cheese, spices, sauce and pasta. In true Italian style, the dessert menu is extensive. The cappuccino cream dish topped with extremely rich whipped cream is enormous, but extremely more-ish, the brownie cake topped with-fruit, and other sweet dressings is one of the restaurants most popular dishes. Prices are average with a meal for two (plus alcohol) coming to 40 - 60 leva.

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