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Mineral water in Varna
03.08.2007   Natalia Shmeleva
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Grand Hotel Varna

Bulgaria is not only a wonderful place to go on a holiday, swim into the sea, go out with friends and enjoy the nature and climate. Bulgaria is a very good place to take care of your health. It is famous for its baths and swimming-pools with mineral water. I like swimming-pools in Varna. One of the famous swimming-pools with mineral water is near Grand Hotel Varna in “St.Konstantin” tourist resort.  It is pretty large and has different depths in its parts. There you can meet young people, families with children and also old people, who want to treat different illnesses. Everybody enjoys this thermal warm water.

Mineral water in this place originates from a thermal source in 2000 m, depth. The temperature of the running water is +48 while in the swimming-pool it is +36-+38. It is very healthy for the whole organism, because it contains plenty of minerals: Natrium, Magnesium, Borax, etc. One litre of mineral water contains 0,28 mg hydrogen sulphide. This water is suitable for gynaecological, kidney, stomach, liver, rheumatic, arthritic and neurologic diseases.

It is very pleasant to immerse in nice warm water and feel relaxation of the whole body! When I tried it the first time, I was surprised how soft my skin was after taking such a bath. But you feel not only body relaxed. All your organism and nerves become to rebuild. It is wonderful to feel harmony inside and outside your body. You will have a good effect even if you stay in such water not so long. Your skin has already taken all necessary elements. If  you do such procedures regularly you will help yourself very much.

Prices in this swimming-pool are modest and everyone can allow getting such a nice pleasure.  The swimming-pool supplies with cafe-bars, umbrellas and chaise lounges. So you can stay there and spend good time during the whole day. I advise this place to all my friends who come to Varna. People like to be there. Our health is the most important thing. Everybody understands it. And if you have no problems with your health it means that you are really happy!

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