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Varna through the eyes of a Russian tourist
04.09.2007   Natalia Shmeleva
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Sea garden

Varna is a nice city not only for tourists, but also for people who have decided to stay and live here. In general, Bulgaria has good continental climate, beautiful nature, healthy food and excellent wine. There are many good places in Varna where you can go out for a cup of coffee with your friends, have a glass of famous wine or dance at a disco with other people.

Traditional folk music is very much alive in Bulgaria and you can immerse in the atmosphere of merriment, dances and good mood.

Everywhere you enjoy yourself! Varna is a main resort-city crowded with lots of tourists. Bulgaria is famous for the Black Sea and its beaches. In Varna, along the Sea, there is a line of numerous discos and bars. Nightlife is very popular during the summer season. I like to spend time with my boyfriend in a cosy restaurant or have an exotic drink in a bar. I like the bar “A Lounge”, where we have stayed. There is a nice place where you can relax on a big wide sofa with very big colourful pillows, to have any drink from the various menu and talk in a quiet way during the working days in the evening or dance under modern music during weekends. You can meet a popular D’J there. I like the design of this place with a nice swimming-pool in the center, palm trees and friendly waitresses. I also like “Planet Bar” on one of the central streets. There are always a lot of young people. All of them have a holiday mood when they spend time in Planet Bar.

I like “Primorsky Park” very much. My boyfriend and I often go for a walk there. It’s huge and you can never cross the whole park for one walk. One day we rented bicycles and cycled there. It was wonderful! You can meet a lot of people who enjoy doing the same. It’s so funny to cycle in the park and then along the sea. It’s perfect to combine pleasant with useful things.

In our opinion the most pleasant places for having dinner alone or with friends are “Viking” restaurant ,“Pizzarella” and “Tambuktu”. They offer delicious food and excellent wine. We prefer to drink Cabernet-Sauvignon to other kinds of wine.

Usually we have lunch at home but sometimes we like to go to “Happy Bar and Grill”. There’re always lots of people, reliable food, breezy service and modest prices.

I like Bulgarian food. It’s healthy and delicious. My favourite products are Jougurt, Airan and cheese Kashkaval. Now I can’t imagine life without them. I also adore baked paper. I think nowhere else in the world people prepare such a simple product so tasty.

At weekends we try to go away somewhere. It depends on the weather, of course. We go to Riviera Holiday Club’s beaches. There are beautiful clean sands and sea. The hotel “Morski Briag” is a good place to stay for one or two days. Last time when we were there it was full and we only had lunch in the hotel. Afterwards we went to Chiflika Chukurovo. It’s an Ethnographic Complex with houses and hotels, a swimming pool a ,tavern for eating and Bulgarian music. The lissom fingers of the musicians put you face to face with the charming rhythm of Bulgarian music. The tavern is in renaissance style. Two main halls can offer its hospitality to every connoisseur of fine cuisine. The five thematically arranged separate rooms welcome everyone in search of the direct touch to the lifestyle of the ancestors. The ethnographic museum disposes of various by view of antiquity and purpose exhibits. The atmosphere of a wealthy Bulgarian home is recreated there - a cosy quest room, a workroom where you’ll find all kinds of tools used for clothes making. Next to the room you’ll see “Singer” sewing machines. In hunting room you’ll see tropheys of accurate hunters. There is also an outdoor museum. You can see a variety of agricultural tools, instruments and gadgets.

As a fact we were told that in 2003 the Complex was visited by his Royal Majesty the Prince of Wales. We spent wonderful time there, walked in the forest not far from the Complex and enjoyed the view over the Batovska valley. In the forest we saw a lot of colourful butterflies, tortoise and a skunk. The trees are very green and beautiful there. And the fresh air!!!! It’s very important for relaxing.

We often go to the swimming pool near Grand Hotel Varna. It’s the resort St. Konstatin and Elena. We swim a lot, read books and enjoy the weather. When we went there last time we were surprised to meet there many Russians and Danes.

This was my experience for two weeks staying in Varna. In the future there will be more days and I’m sure that I’ll meet a lot of interesting and friendly people, see more places and one day Varna will be my second home.

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