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Vacation time or how the Bulgarians will spend the summer holidays
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Summer has settled in and some of the Bulgarians are already spending their summer holidays. Towns are deserted and their residents are leaving for the seaside and mountain resorts. Others prefer to split their summer holidays between both seaside and mountain treks, while still others prefer to travel abroad. One way or another regardless of the destination the majority of the Bulgarians have been saving a whole year ahead for the summer holidays. There are those of course who draw bank credits that they pay off until the following summer. There are very few who do not have financial worries and are ready to leave any time any place they choose. 

The holidays by the Bulgarian seaside are the invariable summer hit of the Bulgarians. Thousands of Bulgarians will go to the numerous seaside resorts. There are enough options for rich and poor, for party animals and those who love the peace and quiet of nature. By rule the smaller resorts are quieter and cheaper. In the peak of the summer season, July-August, the cheapest accommodation varies between € 5 and 10 a night per person, but this means no TV set and no WC in the room. The cheap lodgings have yet another greater disadvantage: they sell out quickly. That is why the best thing to do is to book as early as the spring months. The latter holds true also of the de luxe hotels. Because of the holiday packages for foreign tourists the Bulgarian holiday-makers are often left without chances of finding accommodation. The 3-star hotels in the famous Albena seaside resort on the Black Sea coast offer € 35-45 per night per person all inclusive, whereas BB packages reduce the price to € 15-20 per night per person.

In general the crowded resorts offer an abundance of entertainment. The music and loud noise never cease until the early hours of the morning and those are definitely not recommendable for families with little children, elderly couples or neurotic people.
The Bulgarian seaside has been a powerful magnet for the rank-and-file Bulgarians. In recent years however we have witnessed an increase in interest in holidays in neighbouring Greece and Turkey. The prices are similar or a little higher than the Bulgarian ones, and that is a wonderful opportunity to get a glimpse of and experience a foreign culture. There are those very few who have long since met their dreams of going to the Spanish seaside and are now looking for more remote destinations.

The summer time is the best time for active relaxation. This is a truth shared by the lovers of mountain and spa tourism. With the exception of the huge resorts of Bansko, Borovetz, Pamporovo, Sandanski and Hisar, the number of smaller towns and villages that offer attractive options has been increasing. Rural and ecological tourism have marked an upsurge in recent years. The majority of the local people has renovated their homes or has built new ones, where they rent rooms at affordable prices. Keeping in mind the expanding business opportunities, they have repaired the adjacent infrastructure and have set up the respective eco trails and relaxation corners.

We wish not to forget those who for lack of financial means will no go anywhere. To them there is the consolation of the town parks, swimming pools and gardens. But they to offer excellent opportunities for fun.

Summer is also the time for the seasonal household repair works. The rise in the purchasing capacity of the Bulgarians and the development of bank crediting has provided the basis for many families to plan and carry out the actual renovation of their homes. Some will change the wood panels, other the floor, still others will finish the construction of their summer houses.

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