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ComunicationsThe Bulgarian Telecommunications Company (BTC) is the country’s largest telecom company, with 2.9 million installed connections. Anyone who wants to connect a telephone line needs to complete a standard application form at a local BTC office, which are located in all major cities and towns throughout Bulgaria. BTC provides a variety of different price plans, which include an allocation of free local or long distance calls.

The two main mobile operators in Bulgaria are GloBul and MobilTel, with a new company Vivatel, launched in November 2005. The mobile companies offer standard price plans with inclusive minutes. You can expect a range of modern services, such as voicemail, SMS, GPRS, international roaming and WAP. International calls are priced depending on the country you are calling to.

Internet access is widely available in the major cities. For a dial-up connection you can buy pre-paid cards from bookshops, which offer a fixed number of minutes. Broadband internet connections are also available in Bulgaria, but connectivity speeds vary depending on the region.

The postal service in Bulgaria is not very good. Domestic and international services are slow and sometimes can be unreliable. It can take months for the post office to register the address of new properties. To improve the chances of receiving the mail better open a post box in the local post office. Expect domestic mail to take 2-10 days to arrive, depending on where the letter is going. International letters and packages usually take 7-20 days. When posting letters in Bulgaria you must comply with the local address format, which differs quite a lot from other countries. An example of the local address format is usually displayed in post offices. For important letters or packages it is advisable to use an international delivery company, such as TNT, UPS or DHL.

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