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ElectricityElectricity is produced nationally by N.E.K., a state-owned company that sells power to local suppliers. In new properties the connection should usually have been arranged for you. If you are buying an older property, you should visit the local electricity company with the previous owner to transfer the account. Electricity is metered and the price depends on the time of day (the night price is two times cheaper). You can pay your bill directly to the supply company, in a local post office or in some banks by organizing a direct debit from the account. Heating is often provided by air-conditioning units or electric heaters, which consume a lot of electricity. The average monthly bill for a family of four is 25 – 30 Euro during the summer and 50 – 80 Euro in winter.

Natural gas is still relatively new in Bulgaria. Supplied by Overgas, it is only available in Sofia and some major cities like Varna. Connection fees depend on the amount of gas required, with a typical charge of 160 Euro. Gas can be paid by the same methods as electricity.

Water is safe to drink in Bulgaria. Household supplies are metered with prices varying considerably from area to area. For a new property the builder must arrange for the water to be switched on. You can pay your water bill at the same places where you pay electricity or gas. Some rural properties are not connected to main water, but may instead be supplied by a well or spring.

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