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The official language of the country is Bulgarian. The Cyrillic alphabet used in Bulgaria today descended from the original Glagolic alphabet that they created. Official statistics shows that Bulgarian is used by nearly nine million people living in Bulgaria and other countries. Bulgarian is similar to other South Slavonic languages, such as Serbian and Macedonian. Bulgarian and Macedonian are so close that people from the two countries can understand each other without interpreting. Bulgarian is classified as an Indo-European language, a member of the southern branch of Slavonic languages. A number of dialects can still be observed in different regions of the country. Globalisation, naturally, has had its effects on Bulgarian through the introduction of various foreign words that have become part of everyday speech. Here are some useful phrases:

EducationHello – Zdravei
How are you? – Kak si?/Kak ste? (formal)
Goodbye – Dovizhdane/Chao (informal)
Good Morning – Dobro Utro
Good Afternoon – Dobyr Den
Good Evening – Dobyr Vecher
Good night – Leka nosht
Cheers – Nazdrave
Thank You – Blagodarya/Mersi (informal)
Yes/No – Da/Ne
My name is… - Kazvam se…
I do not understand – Ne razbiram
Where is …? – Kyde e …?
How much? – Kolko struva?

There are state and private schools in Bulgaria. Pre-school education caters for children from 3 to 7 years old, with subsequent schooling split into 7-10, 10-14 and 14-18 age groups. The majority of foreigners choose to send their children to one of the private schools located in the major cities such as Sofia, Varna or Plovdiv. These schools cater for English speaking children and teach Bulgarian, as well as the rest of the national curriculum. State schools expect children to speak Bulgarian before entry.

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