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HealthcareThe Bulgarian health care system is undergoing reforms, some of which have been problematic. Bulgarians make monthly contributions to the national health care fund, which, in turn, provides for their treatment. Everyone should now have a GP, who should be their first port of call for any illnesses or complaint. The GP can then refer them to a specialist in a hospital.

Nowadays Bulgaria has a choice of state hospitals, private medical centers and local clinics. All foreigners would be well advised to take out comprehensive health insurance when visiting the country. This insurance should be for at least $5000. Although certain countries have a reciprocal agreement with Bulgarian for free emergency care, standards may not be up to those you are used to at home. Despite recent improvements, there is still much room for improvement in terms of cleanliness and quality of care in state hospitals.

There are a growing number of private medical centers in major cities and the cost of private treatment is reasonable by Western Europe standards. However, for serious illness many foreigners still prefer to return to their home country for treatment. It is a good idea to visit your local medical centre to find out what services they can provide in the event of emergency.

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