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Visitors from a European Union member state, the UK, Canada, USA or Israel, do not need a visa to enter the country. Those from EU countries and the US may stay in the country for up to 90 days in a six-month period, counting from the first date of entry. For citizens of Canada, the UK and Israel, this period is up to 30 days within a … read more

Transport and driving regulations
However you choose to travel, getting around Bulgaria is relatively easy and inexpensive. Domestic flights. If you do not have much time to spare or you simply want the fastest way to get between the Black Sea coast and Sofia – you should take a domestic flight. There are regular flights between Sofia and Varna or Burgas. Plovdiv airport is open only … read more

Money and Cost of Living
The currency in Bulgaria is called Lev (plural Leva). One lev is divided into 100 stotinki (singular, one stotinka). The Bulgarian currency will be replaced with the Еuro several years after Bulgaria joins the EU and once it has fulfilled the economic criteria for entering the eurozone. Now the exchange rate for 1 Euro is … read more

There is wide choice of banks in Bulgaria with the biggest ones including United Bulgarian Bank, DSK Bank, Allianz, Bulbank, First Investment Bank and Postbank. Before choosing one it is a good idea to ask for recommendations from other foreigners who already used them. Opening a personal bank account is simple and takes no more than … read more

Property and Waste Collection Tax. The annual property tax is 0.15 % of the declared value of your property, although this is often lower than the actual value of the property. There is also a waste collection tax, which is 0.15 – 0.5 % of the … read more

Services and Utilities
Electricity is produced nationally by N.E.K., a stated-owned company that sells power to local suppliers. In new properties the connection will usually have been arranged for you. If you are buying an older property, you should visit the local electricity company with the previous owner to transfer the account. Electricity is metered and the price depends on … read more

The Bulgarian Telecommunications Company (BTC) is the country’s largest telecom company, with 2.9 million installed connections. Anyone wanting to connect a telephone line needs to complete a standard application form at a local BTC office, which are located in … read more

The Bulgarian health care system is undergoing reforms, some of which have been problematic. Bulgarians make monthly contributions to the national health care fund, which, in turn, provides for their treatment. Everyone should now have a GP, who should be their first port of call for any illnesses or complaint. The GP can then refer them to … read more

Language and Education
The official language of the country is Bulgarian. The Cyrillic alphabet used in Bulgaria today descended from the original Glagolic alphabet that they created. Official statistics show that Bulgarian is used by nearly nine million people living in Bulgaria and other countries. Bulgarian is similar to other South Slavonic languages, such as Serbian and Macedonian. Bulgarian and Macedonian are so close that … read more

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