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euro mapBulgaria is located in the far south-eastern corner of Europe, sharing borders with Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey and the Black Sea in the east. The country has a total area of about 111,000 square kilometers. Though its small territory, Bulgaria has varied scenery. Even within small parts of the country, the land may be divided into rolling plains, plateaus, hills, mountains, gorges, deep river valleys. All these make Bulgaria an interesting place, both for tourists and investors. Mountain ranges cover much of the country with the Rhodope, Pirin and Rila mountains running across the south-west of the country, and the Balkan Range (“Stara Planina”) cutting east-west across the centre of the country. To the north of the Balkan Range lies the plain of the river Danube, which forms the country’s border with Romania for over 300 km. Much of the rest of the country is covered with forests and agricultural land, with farms producing dairy products, fruits, vegetables and meat. An area of the Balkan Range, called the Valley of the Roses, is the centre of rose growing for the world perfume industry. The Bulgarian rose oil is the best in the world with its unique fragrance. Vineyards cover large parts of the country, providing the grapes used for the wine production – a wine blessed by the sun.

mountainThe eastern Bulgarian coast is washed by the Black Sea. 380 km marvelous stretch of beaches, calm and safe sea, clear water and healthy air, fine golden sand and natural dunes, mineral water springs, resorts, holiday villages and campsites. The welcoming climate from late May to late September with average sea temperatures of 25 C attract more and more tourists each year.

Bulgarian lakes and rivers are another irresistible attraction. The best known lakes are The Seven Rila Lakes. This is a group of lakes of glacial origin, situated in the northwestern part of the Rila Mountains. Each lake carries a name associated with its most characteristic feature. The highest one is called Salzata ("The Tear") due to its clear waters that allow visibility in depth. The next one carries the name Okoto ("The Eye") after its almost perfectly oval form. Okoto is the deepest circus lake in Bulgaria, with a depth of 37.5 m. Babreka ("The Kidney") is the lake with the steepest shores from the whole group. Bliznaka ("The Twin") is the largest one by area. Trilistnika ("The Trefoil") has an irregular shape and low shores. The shallowest lake is Ribnoto Ezero ("The Fish Lake") and the lowest one is Dolnoto Ezero ("The Lower Lake"), where the waters that flow out of the other lakes are gathered to form the Dzherman River.

sea, black sea, summerOne of the country’s best features is the favourable climate. One can enjoy four lovely and tender seasons in Bulgaria. Beautiful blooming spring, dry and hot summer, long and pleasant autumn, and mild winter with lots of opportunity for skiing. Always lit by the sun, Bulgaria has between 2200 and 2500 hours of sunlight per year. Average temperature (April - September): + 23 °C. The average yearly temperature is 14.7 °C. But as a very clever proverb says “It’s better one time to see than hundred times to hear”.


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