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Russalka beachRussalka is situated in a rocky area near the sea, 14 km east of Kavarna and 90 km away from the city of Varna. Lying among the coolness of an old forest, it’s one of the beautiful north Bulgarian resorts.

Rocky coast, a nice sandy beach, unspoilt nature and original architecture attract thousands of tourists every summer. The whole resort is an all-inclusive area of luxurious one-storey houses and access by outsiders is usually restricted. That is why it is a favorite place for foreign tourists who prefer privacy and safety. Visitors to Russalka can enjoy various restaurants, famous for their excellent Bulgarian and European cuisine. The terrace of Tauk Liman Restaurant is particularly attractive to the guests, where they can enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of cape Kaliakra. Except for fabulous food, you will be served exotic cocktails as well as brand wines from special regions.

Russalka poolTourists looking for an active vacation can use 10 hard tennis courts and 5 clay ones, making the resort an appropriate destination for tennis fans, as well as a small football field and a volleyball ground. Other sports that can be practiced are archery, horse riding, yachting, kayaking and scuba diving. What is more, there are curative mineral water showers in the place of old Roman thermae, an open air swimming pool with mineral water, and a wide Jacuzzi pool. The health care centers at Roussalka offer saunas and variety of anti- stress and recreation programs. For the convenience of parents on the territory of the resort there is all day Kindergarten and children’s sports.

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