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Riviera beachThe top-class Riviera Holiday Club is situated just 17 km to the north of the sea capital Varna, and borders with the holiday complex of Golden Sands. Before 1989 it was government residence, but after the fall of communism the resort was renovated. Now Riviera is the ideal spot for family tourism offering quiet atmosphere, relaxation and comfort. Tourists will definitely enjoy the modern hotels which are located on the beach, in a nice and quiet park, and provide all the necessary conditions for a great holiday. They offer a lot of luxury and comfort, while the beach is private and full of sports and recreation facilities.

The fact that Riviera is located in a natural park of centuries-old trees and mineral water springs makes it a modern balneological centre as well. It perfectly combines specific sea climate with modern Balneotherapy Center for treament of disturbances of the locomotory system; disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system; neuroses, headache, mental and physical fatigue; obesity.

Riviera pool, black sea viewWhat is more, Riviera Holiday Club is the perfect place for organizing business meetings and conferences, because all requirements for their implementation can be satisfied.

Visitors to Riviera can choose from five restaurants of Bulgarian and European cuisine. In addition, there is a specialised fish and seafood restaurant, 3 snack bars, a day bar, and an air-conditioned disco club.

For the convenience of tourists, transport between Riviera Holiday Club and Varna is remarkably well organised. Apart from regular bus lines connecting the resort to the city and also to its airport, there are a lot of minibuses, private route taxis and ordinary ones. Fares are moderate due to intense competition.

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