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Obzor beachThe town of Obzor is situated 6 km to the south of the town of Byala, half the way between Varna and Bourgas. Its population is slightly over 2000 people. Obzor lies in the skirts of the eastern part of the Stara Planina Mountain with the mountain ridge rising to the west of the city and the Dvoynitsa river bounding it to the north. The long beach extends from the northern St. Atanas cape to the southern Mona Petra cape. The town's beach is followed by a small cove and a beach named Irakli after an ancient village of the same name. The St. Nikola cape is several kilometres further to the south where the Balkan Mountains meet the Black Sea. Despite the town's convenient location and six-kilometer long sandy beach, this remarkably pleasant resort is surprisingly uncrowded even during peak season. Obzor has long been popular with the Bulgarian tourists for its sandy beaches and quiet countryside, but has remained relatively undiscovered by foreign tourists.

In the centre of Obzor tourists can enjoy a lovely small park and a pedestrian area with various small shops, bars, cafes and restaurants.
There are three camping sites - Luna, Prostor and Slantsa with bungalows and enough space for tents between the towns of Byala and Obzor. All these do not require prior booking of accommodation. Modern hotels and plenty of private houses at moderate prices can also be found there.

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