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viewKavarna is one of the relatively big towns along the Black Sea coast: its population is 12 500. The town's port handles passenger and cargo vessels of medium size. Kavarna is situated 48 km north of Varna and just 12 km away from the picturesque Kaliakra cape. The coast to the north of the town is high and steep, shining with its limestone rocks while the one south of the town boasts with an excellent beach. Kavarna is also famous for its ecological, clean area with preserved marvellous nature and beautiful sea coast. It is a resort with perfect conditions for enjoyable and relaxing summer vacation and for great hunting tourism in the autumn.

Nowadays Kavarna turns to an attractive place for holiday, combining the modern comfort with a unique atmosphere, at the same time preserving its Kavarnatranquility and charm. On the high hill of Chirakman, which is 3 km away from Kavarna, remains of Roman fortresses and medieval towns can still be seen. The National archaeological preserve Yailata keeps significant monuments and remains from different historic periods. Another place of interest is the cape Kaliakra, also an archaeological and natural preserve, famous for the legend about several maidens, who braided their hair together and jumped into the water, refusing to accept the Islam religion from the Turks. There are several museums in the town, which deserve to be visited - The Dobruja and the Sea Display, The Town Museum and The Ethnographic Museum, as well as two churches.

Kavarna attracts more and more foreign investments and the result is the beautiful residential complexes appearing in the vicinity of the town. Kavarna will soon become a golf destination, due to the construction of two new golf courses – one between the town of Balchik and the town of Kavarna and the other - along the coastline, near the sea. 

Kavarna beachThe area around Kavarna offers good conditions for hunting tourism - there are four hunting reserves in the municipalities of Dobrich, Balchik, General Toshevo and Tervel. A significant amount of mineral spas, as well as deposits of healing mud are located on the territory of the region.
In the recent years Kavarna has started to become the Bulgarian centre of rock music. With the help of the mayor of the town, who is a big fan of hard rock music, concerts of the most famous world bands (Deep Purple, Scorpions, Apocaliptica, Helloween and others) were organized. The town also hosts national and international folk festivals and other cultural events.

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