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Golden sands shipGolden Sands is the biggest resort on the northern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, located about 18 km north of Varna. It is a popular tourist destination for many visitors from Germany, England, Scandinavia and many other countries, attracted by the favorable climate and reasonable prices.

The resort of Golden Sands (Zlatni Piasatzi) is the largest one on the northern Black Sea coast as it is built on more than 1,800 hectares of land and is a modern and beautiful complex, situated in a natural park, preserved in its natural state and gaining the shore. The beach strip in the resort is 3,5 km long, up to 100 m wide, and is known as one of the best sand beaches in Europe. It is flat, covered with fine golden sand. The sandy sea bottom gently slopes into the sea, without any rocks or sudden drops. The clean and calm waters of the sea with low salinity, lower than that of the Mediterranean for example, and the absence of fish and animals dangerous to human health, are ideal for diving and vacation with children.

Golden sands beachThe climate is mild, temperate continental, with an average daytime air temperature during the summer months 27°С, sea water 24°С. The summer is long and warm, suitable for sunbathing from May to October. The heat is not overpowering thanks to the sea breeze. The mild weather in early spring and late autumn is ideally suited for water and sea treatment, as well as congress and conference events and short-term holidays.

A picturesque, unspoiled park surrounds the resort. The resort is overcrowded, though, with its more than 100 hotels and new construction sites appearing each year. The hotels can satisfy even the most demanding tourists, ready to provide all that is needed for complete rest - restaurants, bars, entertainment spots, offering a wide range of survices. Golden Sands is not for people who prefer to have rest in calmness, because of the bustling night life. The halls for international conferences make the resort a centre of European standard. Swimming pools full of warm mineral water with temperature 24°C, coming from 2 springs on the beach, can heal asthma, arthritis, neurosis and other diseases. 

There are three reasons why you should choose Golden Sands as a holiday destination:
  • It is a modern resort with traditions and history for 50 years now
  • It is a true pearl of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast with a unique blend of lovely natural park, warm sea and fine golden sand
  • It provides excellent possibilities for recreation, entertainment all day and night long, new acquaintances, health and beauty 

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