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byala boatsThe small town of Byala is situated on one of the most unspoilt stretches of the Black Sea coast, 59 km south of Varna. With a population of about 3 000 people, Byala is a mix of traditional working village and tourist resort. Surrounded by vine yards and the wooden foothills of the Balkan mountain range, the town is the perfect spot for a flexible holiday or for wise investors, because the area has remained relatively undiscovered in comparison with other resorts.

During the last few years the town developed very fast and at the moment it is a desired vacation spot for many tourists in the summer. The factors that determine this are the town’s good location and the 6 km long beach with very fine sand which is 10 to 50 meters wide. There are many beaches in the vicinity, some of them still virgin and unknown for most of the people. The northern beach is famous for its fine white sand and beautiful lagoons. The central beach is the most preferable with many restaurants, water-slides and other attractions. The southern beach is the most interesting with the yacht port. Many tourists who have visited Byala compare it to the French Riviera probably because it is located in a hilly area and opens wonderful views to the sea with unbelievable Byalasunsets and sunrises.

Being a new developing seaside resort, Byala has a good variety of accommodation and catering such as new hotels, resort complexes, private houses, restaurants, small pubs and taverns with different cuisine. Visitors to Byala definitely should not miss the wine tasting which includes excursion around the wine house and short acquaintance with the technology of wine making. Tasting of seven different kinds of wine goes together with description of grape and wine itself. All these and, of course, the prevailing holiday atmosphere, good beaches, lively night life make Byala a perfect holiday destination.

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