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Balchik palace bathThe seaside town of Balchik is situated on a small bay 41 km north of Varna. The town with a population of about 14 000 is the third in significance Bulgarian port after Varna and Bourgas, used for medium-size passenger and trade vessels.

Balchik was inhabited in the 4th millennium BC and became an important port and trading centre. For a long time it was known as the White Town for the mainly white colour of its lime rocks. Balchik has a 21 centuries history and has preserved traces of many cultures. All of that can be seen in the Historical museum situated in the town centre. 

Today the town combines the romance of its steep streets with the beauty of the sea. Every street leads to the sea coast and all year round the city boosts of many tourists who are attracted by ancient architecture and preserved nature. Among the greatest Balchik’s attractions is the Palace of the Romanian Queen Maria with a botanical garden around it. The Palace architecture is primarily oriental, but includes old Bulgarian and gothic styles as well. In the Botanical Garden, which is the Balchik palacebiggest on the Balkan territory can be seen some exotic plants, such as: candy tree, paper tree, ancient Ginkgo biloba, sand lily, olives and many others. The garden is the world of bright colors, blooms, trees and bushes.

Other attractions of the town are the ethnographical museum representing with its exhibition the life style of Balchik since ancient times, the Old Turkish Mosque and the church St. Nicholay.

In Balchik there is a good variety of big restaurants, as well as number of small private restaurants, coastal stalls offering seafood, pizzas, spaghetti and other kinds of European cuisine. The grocer's shops are a good opportunity for practical tourists who cook for themselves.
Only 4 km out of town is situated the area of Touzlata which is famous for its curing mud reccommended for bone associated diseases. There is also a big balneological center with camping, bungalows and hotels.

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