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Saint VlasThe village of Sveti Vlas (St. Vlas) has about 3 000 inhabitants and is situated just 4 km to the north of Sunny Beach resort and 9 km away from the town of Nessebar. It lies in the skirts of the Stara Planina mountain (also called the Balkan mountain) and thus offers a beautiful combination of sea and mountain climate, considered favourable for those suffering from lung and bone diseases. St. Vlas is also a preferred destination for holidaymakers, who want to enjoy the spectacular views of the mountain while having fun on the beach.

In the village there are three wonderful beaches with the total length of 1,5 km. The central beach is the longest one, to south of it is the small “Camping” beach and the third one is the beach nearby the new yacht port Marina, which offers everything needed for a yacht lover to enjoy unforgettable summer holiday.

Saint VlasThe numerous private hotels of Sveti Vlas offer a variety of styles and high-quality service, making the small village a preferred destination for tourists. The four-star Laguna Hotel stands out against the rest for its beautiful design and top-class service. There is also a plenty of 3-star hotels in the village, such as Alfa, Astra, Bel Ami, Gala, Intzaraki. Similar to other seaside villages, accommodation with private pensions and houses is on high supply as well.

Catering service is also well developed. One can find not only big restaurants, but numerous small pubs, taverns and cafes, as well as stalls with fast food and refreshment drinks all along the beach line.

For convenience of visitors, there is regular bus transport from Nessebar, Sunny Beach and Bourgas to Sveti Vlas, and plenty of private minibuses, route and ordinary taxis. There is also water transport to and from Nessebar and from Bourgas to Sunny Beach.

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