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SozopolSozopol is a small ancient town with a population of about 5 000 people located 30 km south of Burgas on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. Nowadays the town is mostly a seaside resort which lies on a picturesque rocky peninsula and is known for the Apollonia art and film festival named after one of Sozopol's ancient names.

Sozopol is one of the most romantic and beautiful Bulgarian seaside resorts. The old town is featured by the typical Sozopol houses with stone ground floors and wood-boarded upper floors. The cobbled streets are so narrow that the oriels seem to touch each other. Its splendid beauty and artistic atmosphere attract many tourists from all over the world. That is why Sozopol is very busy during the summer and it is forbidden to get into the old town part by car. There is no restriction for the new town, though.

Notable sights in the old town include the 17th-century Sveta Bogoroditsa (Holy Virgin) Church, built partly below ground in accordance with prevailing Ottoman dictates. Sozopol's archaeological museum features a collection of amphorae, stone anchors, and model ships. In comparison with the old town, the new town is more colorless although it has a good variety of restaurants, cafes, cinemas and shops. There is also a number of cafes and thumping discos on the main Republikanska street, as well as along the beach strip. The beach strip is wide and covered with sand, tourists can rent lounges and sunshades and children can enjoy a water slide.

What concerns accommodation, the old town provides only private rooms and the new town both private rooms and hotels.

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