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Sinemorets beachSinemorets is a small village near the mouth of the River Veleka, in the most southern and the most beautiful part of the Black Sea coast. It is situated 6 km from Ahtopol. There are two spacious beaches - one to the north, representing a pretty wide strip of sand bordering the mouth of the river Veleka from one shore to the other, and another one to the south, stretching between rocks. The northern is less populated due to its hard access because of a dirty road, and is preferred by young people, nudists and those in search of solitude. The south one with two large pubs from where one can buy fast food and refreshments, is rather crowded during the peak season as it is easy accessible by car and on foot.

The village of Sinemoretz lies in the skirts of the Strandzha Mountain in the middle of a natural reserve, which makes it a desired destination of naturelovers. A few kilometers down the road to Rezovo one can visit the fabulous beach of Silistar, which has become popular among tourists only in the last couple of years. The beach has wonderful Sinemorets sea viewsands, and is loved by families with children due to its shallow and always-crystal waters. The waters close to the rocky ends of the beach offer a great view of marine life to amateur and professional divers.

Sinemorets is not crowded even in the peak season. That’s why tourists can easily find room in small hotels that are well-equipped. Other possibilities for accommodation are numerous private houses and family hotels. In the village there are no night clubs, however, there are several restaurants, offering different types of cuisine, bars, cafes and pubs.

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