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Black sea viewThe town of Primorsko is relatively small as it has population of about 2 500 people. Situated 52 km south of Bourgas, the town lies on a cape jutting out between the Stamopolo Bay and the Dyavolski (Devil's) Bay. The town has two beaches, the Northern and the Southern ones. The Northern is more open and offers rough sea, which makes it perfect for surfers, while the Southern is smaller and calmer, suitable for families. Traditionally, the Southern Beach gets overcrowded during the top season, which makes holidaymakers go sunbathing at nearby beaches, such as the one of the International Youth Centre. The youth centre is situated only 1-2 km to the south of Primorsko and looks like a typical holiday place for young people with plenty of villas, bungalows, hostels, bars, discos, and various sports grounds. 

BarPrimorko is famous for its magnificent nature as it is surrounded by the forests of the Strandja Mountain. Besides the plenty of large and small hotels which are located in a park of deciduous trees, rest homes and private rooms, one can find relatively cheap accommodation in the youth centre, or alternatively, in the neighbouring Iglika, Perla or Romantica campsites. The town has grown incredibly in the past few years and is currently one of the most popular Black Sea resorts among foreign and Bulgarian tourists, due to its relatively moderate prices and good infrastructure. Small restaurants, bars, cafes and refreshment stalls can be found in every corner of Primorsko. Most of the hotels shelter nice restaurants and mehanas.

The climate is also favorable for a long tourist season. It is similar to the Mediterranean - summer is sunny and warm, with average temperature of 24 degrees centigrade. The breezes and the forests refresh the air during daytime, while nights are cool and pleasant.

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