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PomorieThe town of Pomorie with a population of 15 000 is situated on a narrow and rocky peninsula, bordered by the sea on one side and by the Pomorie lake on the other. It is situated 18 km north of Bourgas and the same distance south of Nessebar.

The fine gold and black (curative and rich of iron) sand of the beaches, the warm and clear sea water and the great number of sunny days, makes Pomorie attractive place for tourists from all over the world. Thanks to its preserved nature and ecological conditions, the town is awarded the Blue Flag Award (a prestigious international award for environmentally clean resorts).

Besides its lovely beaches, the town appeals to tourists with its mud-cure sanatorium built about 2 km away from the town on the banks of the Pomorie lake. The curative features of the lake's mud were discovered already in the 3-4th century BC, though the first mud-cure establishment was built here in 1902. The mud eases bone and muscular disorders, radiculitis, rheumatism, sciatica, lumbago, discal hernia, etc.

Pomorie beachAmong the most visited places of interest in Pomorie are the Ancient Dome Tomb from the epoch of the late Roman dominance in these lands, the functioning monastery ''St. George'' - a monument of Medieval architecture in which icons are kept from 18th and 19th centuries, the little church ''Christ Transfiguration'' from 1764 and the church ''Virgin Mary''.

Pomorie offers accommodation not only in newly built hotels, but also in private houses and two balneological centers for mud cure. The camping site Europa offers accommodation in bungalows, while the Aheloy camping site, located 8 km north of the town, may be preferred by campers with tents and caravans. 

Besides tourism, local industry includes agriculture, salt production, fishing, and wine production (Pomorie brandy and Dimyat white wine are excellent and worth tasting).

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