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Nessebar, old cityThe town of Nessebar has a population of about 10,000 inhabitants and lies 37 km northeast of Bourgas. Its beach is considered to be one of the finest along the Black Sea coast due to a large sandy strip of land between the town and the village of Ravda, covered with clean golden sand. Nessebar is divided into two parts: New Nessebar and Old Nessebar. 

The old town of Nessebar is a picturesque place situated on a small rocky peninsula and linked to the mainland by a narrow strip of land, 400 m long. Its ancient spirit and well-preserved remains attract tourists from all over the world. Those who love the atmosphere of the past times will definitely enjoy the old town’s tiny cobbled streets, beautiful squares, two-storey wooden houses with stone foundations as well as numerous gift shops full of national souvenirs, small cozy restaurants, pubs and taverns. 

Nessebar, old cityWhat impresses especially is the quantity of churches. According to legends, the churches of Nessebar were no less than 41. The Old Bishopric is the most ancient church. It was built in the 4th-5th century and functioned as a church throughout the Middle Ages. Today it is the largest of the Nessebar churches whose over ground structure has survived. The other most famous are the Church of St. Spas, the Chruch of Christ Pantocrator, the Church of St. Stephen or the New Bishopric. Whether built during the Byzantine, Bulgarian or Ottoman rule of the town, the churches of Nessebar represent the rich architectural heritage of the Eastern Orthodox world and illustrate the gradual development from Early Christian basilicas to medieval cross-domed churches.

For overnight stay tourists can choose either modern 2-4 star hotels or small private houses.

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