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AhtopolAhtopol, situated on a rocky peninsula, is a small town and seaside resort on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. It is located 87 km southeast of Bourgas and is close to the border with Turkey. There is a regular bus and a minibus transport to Burgas (passing through most of the towns and villages in the southern part of the coast) and to the nearby towns of Sinemoretz and Rezovo.

Ahtopol is a small town with a pier in the southern part of the peninsula, and a lovely 2 km long beach covered with golden sand to the north. The water tends to be warmer and more placid here. At the resort tourists will find comfortable hotels and private rooms where one can really relax. Ahtopol is a popular destination for families who can't afford the higher-priced resorts. Consequently, visitors looking for the nightlife of Primorsko or Sunny Beach won't find it here. In the Gardentown visitors will find quietness and peaceful rest, will enjoy romantic walking to the lighthouse and crawling over the nearby rocks next to the quay.

In the outskirts of the town there are two villages - Brodilovo and Kosty, famous for their fire-dancing ('nestinarski' dances) - ancient ritual dances, performed on live coals, which is really worth seeing. Five kilometres south of Ahtopol is the mouth of Veleka River, one of the most beautiful rivers, which flows into the Black Sea, together with Kamchiya and Ropotamo.

Those who want to experience unforgettable adventure holiday in a desolated site among virgin nature will be more than satisfied in Ahtopol.

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