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vitosha, snowVitosha is Bulgaria's highest ski resort, only 22 km far from the capital Sofia. It is situated in the Vitosha mountain, 1800 m above the sea level, on the eastern slopes of Cherni Vrah (2290 m) which is the highest Vitosha peak.

Skiing conditions in Vitosha are excellent, with an extensive network of ski pistes and lifts. There are excellent conditions for slalom and cross-country skiing, as well as for tours on foot throughout the mountain. The resort has six ski pistes, two of which have been approved by The International Skiing Federation for international competitions in Alpine disciplines and cross-country skiing. The best skiing area is near the Aleko chalet, where the main 2-seat Romanski lift takes you almost to the top of the mountain (Cherni Vrah). Another skiing area in Vitosha is located on the other side of the mountain and consists of two relatively short pistes called Konyarnika and Vetrovala. The lifts in the resort are quite old fashioned but still they do their job. There are three main lift areas in Vitosha. Each one of them has a different company operating it and a separate lift pass is required for each area. The area of Romanski lift is recommended, because it covers the best pistes and its lift pass is valid for most lifts around.

liftWhat concerns accommodation, the hotels and chalets built during communism have not been renovated yet and some of them have been even closed. Four new high-class hotels are situated in a compact group and offer comfort and entertainment to the tourists. Restaurants, bars, taverns and shops are also available in the resort.

During the off-winter season Vitosha is a good place for hiking. One of the most popular hiking trails is the one, which starts from the Aleko chalet, winds through the plateau and ends at Zlatnite Mostove.

Vitosha is easily accessible by car or bus from Sofia, with several city transport lines going to different places in the mountain.

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