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semkovoSemkovo is a mountain resort, which is situated 17 km from the town of Belitsa. Located at the foothill of The Rila Mountain, among a forest of pine trees, the resort offers excellent conditions for winter sports and summer mountain tourism. Semkovo is much more different from the other big and noisy resorts. There are no dusty and muddy streets to walk until one can reach the slopes. It is just virgin nature and crystal clear sky-sparkling white snow. Of course, this is not a modern and sophisticated resort. Semkovo is a place that will be appreciated only by connoisseurs. Nevertheless, at the resort tourists will find everything needed for the perfect skiing holiday. 

The hotels in Semkovo are warm and cosy. The only disadvantage that keeps them lower class is the old-fashioned furniture inside the rooms. However, this will soon be changed, because Semkovo is getting more and more popular which will definitely give a chance to investors to make some improvements of the material base in the resort.

Semkovo offers seven ski pistes with a total length of 4 km, including three ski pistes on the Northern slopes, with all ranges of difficulty. All of them are serviced by perfectly maintained eight drag lifts. The pistes for beginners are just behind hotel Rila. In the other direction just less than a kilometer away from the hotel Rila is situated the ski zone for intermediates and experts. 

snow, semkovoThe snow cover in the resort usually lasts from the end of November until mid April. An exclusive tourists attraction during the winter, except of skiing, are the sleighs covered with colourful rugs which take the guests to the nearby situated town of Belitsa and to the different tourist objects in the Semkovo resort. In the autumn the site is covered with numerous colourful and aromatic flowers and herbs. During the summer Semokovo is a starting position for numerous mountain routes in The Rila mountain and The Rila Natural reserve.

Extremely interesting place for a visit nearby Semkovo is the newly opened Dancing Bears Park. The park is located in a forest area with natural water resources and is a home of the wild brown bear.

Semkovo is the perfect place for those who wish to find a getaway and to scent the beauty of the mountain.

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