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mountains, maliovitsaMaliovitsa is a small resort with picturesque nature 40 km away from Borovets. It is situated near the peak bearing the same name on the north-western part of Rila Mountain 13 km away from the village of Govedartsi and 27 km from the town of Samokov. Maliovitsa is a perfect place for ski tourism and alpinism. There are several ski pistes (the total length of the pistes is 4 km, the longest one is Uleya - 1200 meters long) and ski sports infrastructure within the region, as well as places for mountaineering. Along with the mount of Maliovitsa, a dozen other Rila peaks rise there, which turns the resort into the most preferred site for high-mountain rock climbing and trekking tours in Bulgaria. One of the most beautiful lakes on the Balkan Peninsula – Strashnoto (the Frightful) is situated nearby. Maliovitsa is a starting position for many tourist routes that are leading to the northwestern part of the mountain.

Unfortunately, the accommodation facilities are not very well-developed here. The only Maliovitsa Hotel hosts 150 beds as well as a restaurant, a disco, a cafe, games hall, a souvenir shop, a ski-equipment rental and safekeeping room. Another accommodation is the Maliovitza Chalet consisting of an old and a new building as well as wooden bungalows. It is situated within an hour-walk from the resort, against the stream of the Maliovitza River, at over 2000 meters above the sea level. In this chalet one can find cheap accommodation and very peaceful rest.

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