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govedartsiGovedartsi is situated not more than 80 km away from Sofia, at the foot of The Rila Mountain, along the banks of Cherni Iskar River. The village stands 1100 m above the sea level and is very close to the front part of the National park "Rila Mountain". In the village there are about 1870 inhabitants, most of which are occupied with production of potatoes, cattle breeding and tourism. The village houses are perched on the right bank of the Cherni Iskar river. 

Govedartsi is a starting point for routes to the magnificent Rila Monastery, the Seven Rila Lakes, Urdinite lakes, etc. Near the village is situated Iovchevo Lake, which is a perfect place for a picnic. In Govedartsi region you can also have a walk in a beautiful pine forest, pick up forest fruits, mushrooms and herbs. This makes the village a wonderful place for relaxation and recreation among the untouched nature. Only at the distance of two kilometers to the southwest is located the tourist base of the village. It is a complex of electrified and water-supplied bungalows. In the winter season, there are perfect ski conditions – drags and rent station for ski equipment. What is more, Bulgaria’s oldest ski resort Borovets is only 26 km away from the village. So one can use the big and settled ski pistes of Borovets and after the day of skiing in the resort, enjoy the complete calmness of the village. Those who like historical and cultural sights can visit some churches and a monastery. Three chapels, situated in the areas "Mechkarnitsa", "Izvoro" and "Tapankovitsa", have been preserved up to the present day and are worth seeing.

Tourists can reach Govedartsi using the bus line from Samokov to Malyovitsa, which passes through the village.

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