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Dobrinishte is situated in the Southwestern part of Bulgaria, 165 kilometers away from Sofia and 6 kilometers south of Bansko surrounded by three mountains - Pirin, Rila and Rhodopes. The name of the village came with its first inhabitants. “Dobri neshta” ("Good things") said the people, charmed by the beauty of the nature, the mineral springs and the fresh air, and thus they gave the village the name Dobrinishte. The village is the perfect place for recreation and tourism. It used to be the most famous resort, both ski and spa, in the Pirin Mountain. But recently, after a lot of investments in the town of Bansko, which has turned it into the best winter resort in Pirin, Dobrinishte went into a shadow. Still, the village is popular because of its mineral springs and easy access to mountains.

Dobrinishte is a famous spa resort in Pirin. There are about 17 mineral springs with temperature of the water between 30 and 43 C.  Many of them are popular for their curative effect. The water is known to cure almost every disease - diseases of the nervous system, the skin, the joints, the kidneys, the liver, the gall, etc.  The most famous of the springs is the Silver one - rich in silver ions. There are several holiday houses with facilities for spa therapy around the springs.
For the cultural and historical lovers big interest will provoke the churches “St. Peter and St. Paul” and “Assumption of Most Holy Mary”. A unique attraction is the Edelweiss garden, which is the only one in Bulgaria.

Dobrinishte is a starting position for “Gotce Delchev” and “Bezbog” chalets. These two chalets provide great conditions for mountain tourism, ski-sport and alpine disciplines. Double seat lift connects the two chalets. The longest ski piste in Bulgaria, which is more than 4 km long, is situated nearby.

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