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chepelareChepelare is located in the beautiful Rhodopi mountains in the southern part of Bulgaria, along the two banks of Chepelarska river. It is located 1 200 meters above sea level and the winter season here provides one of the best skiing environments in Bulgaria. Sofia is 230 km and Plovdiv is 80 km away from here. The world famous ski resort of Pamporovo is just 10 km down the road and is one of the reasons this area has long been one of the most popular winter tourist destinations in Europe. Chepelare is also famous as the birthplace of the Bulgarian Olympic champion of the biathlon from Nagano 1998 - Ekaterina Dafovska.

The ski pistes are open from December usually till April depending on the snow. The resort also offers a lighted piste for children and beginners right in the center of the town. The pistes vary in difficulty from black to green and are some of the longest in Bulgaria. Their total length is 11 400 m and they are divided into: Mechi Chal 1 - a black level piste, which is 3150 m long and 50 m wide with a total displacement of 720 m and is qualified to be used for international competitions; Mechi Chal 2 (Turisticheska) is a combination of red and green piste with 5250 m length and 25 meters wide with a total displacement of 720 m; the 3 km long cross country track located at a latitude of 1,282 meters above sea level; and also 5 km biathlon track. A tourist would never feel bored because the resort also offers parallel slalom for skiers; ski competitions - Chepelare Cup, Orion Cup and others; ski schools; sledding competitions; outdoor winter carnivals.

chepelare, snow pathIn summer Chapelare is also attractive. The beautiful Rhodopis are cool and tranquil and provide the perfect spot for relaxing, hiking, mountain biking and village tourism. Chepelare is a point of departure for many tourist routes to the West Rhodope Mountains: to Krastova gora (The Forest of the Cross), Pamporovo, Chudnite mostove (Wonderful Bridges), to Haidushki poliani (Haidouks’ glades), Shiroka laka, etc.

The only transport available to Chepelare is bus. There are regular bus lines to Plovdiv, Assenovgrad, Sofia, Smolyan, Pamporovo resort, Devin, Shiroka Laka and other smaller villages. The bus station is located on the left bank of the Chepelarska river.

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